Definition: Communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thought, Feeling or emotions from one person to another. Other people receive the message understands the meaning and provides feedback or replies:


Medium /Channel:




Types: Communication divided into two parts


  1. Verbal communication
  2. Non Verbal communication

Verbal Communication: Communication in which messages are transferred orally or in the written piece, or we can say all words of mouth and written things is verbal communication.

Father Verbal communication is divided into two parts:

  1. Oral communication
  2. Written communication

Oral communication: Oral communication in which messages are transferred by the spoken way (word of mouth)

Ex: Speech, interview, face to face communication, and phone calls, etc.

Written communication: Written communication which is written for everything is called written communication.

Ex: Letter, Application, Mail, Text, Newspaper etc.

Non-Verbal communication: A part from verbal communication a part from oral and written communication all communication is non-verbal communication.

Ex: Symbol, Sign, Language, Gesture, Pasture, Hand and Head movement, etc.

Communication Verbal and Non Verbal persistence and it's typed:

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

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