Graphics Design Studio [Episode -01] :: For the new graphics designer.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope everyone is good. With the grace of God, I have returned to the new tune again. Hope you enjoy it. This is the first tune on my graphics design in EduTecBD. A standard and full-length tutorial on graphics design is continuously going on, where strong-

  • 1. Photoshop
  • 2. Illustrator
  • 3. Adobe In Design Course (Total Free) For Visitors Only EduTecBD

Today, because on the first day, today I’m writing about another important thing, not today’s Photoshop or Illustrator, that is to start the work of your freelancing.


Every freelancer should make a strong position or portfolio. If you want to build a career as a graphics designer, then focusing on your phone will be stupid. Because, at any time, the Marketplace can suspend your Sadh Profit forever. Apart from this, you can get lots of work from outside the market as well as outside the marketplace.

What is a portfolio?

Think you’re a grocery shopkeeper. There are many things in your shop, such as rice, pulses, oil, shampoo, snow etc. Now, if you put the shelf in the shop and do not decorate it properly, keep all the goods in the sack, will you also sell one of the goods? No, no day is possible.

Just like you are a freelancer or graphic designer. But you do not have any shops, all your designs are kept in your PC’s folder. Hey, if your customer or client knows how you can work?

In the above example, the name of the shop named as a portfolio is called a portfolio.

It is clear that in the words of various large websites and successful people, there is a tough portfolio or shop outside your marketplace. Open one of your websites and keep the best designs you have made there. And if SEO can be done, then SEO does not have any barriers to the site. Because many clients here will help you.

What are you thinking Does your website design / SEO know or do not have the money to buy a domain? Brother, then why is can arrange your free portfolio. The reason is that there is a lot of long-term work available here. Even higher prices are available than a marketplace. Many people have got people who only get more than $ 2,000 a month from Behance.

Today we will show you how to open an account at Behance.Net and upload the file

Take a look at this profile by clicking here . Something is a little bit? Let’s make it ready for you.

How to create a profile at Behance?

Click here to enter Bihan’s’ website. Then click on Sign Up and create an Adobe Account. Give a password to a strong ward. As @ abj + * 62D, otherwise, you will be in trouble Sign Up. Write both logs and passwords in the diary or anywhere, otherwise, you will forget.

After that, you will add your portfolio by completing the account information with profile pictures.

Keep doing the work every day, be sure to upload it immediately. In this way your followers, views, likes will continue to grow. After one to two years, your profile will change. (But not possible overnight)

How to add files or portfolios:

Click Add work as your picture and add your photos.

3. Step 3 of the above photo – upload 2 – upload and title 3 – Save with project details and publish.

In this way, every time you design something new, add it to your Behance profile. You will see that you will be famed in the right time, and dollars will come to the message.😛

It’s like going out today, we’ll be ready for work from next day Inshallah.


Thanks for reading this whole article. We hope your result will be outstanding So that your family will be delighted. Keep in touch with EduTec BD and we will give you the right information.

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