Assalamu Alaikum,

Today, with the unlimited grace of Almighty Allah, with a new tune on the graphics design.  This is My Graphics Design Beyoncé Tutorial.


Technology and online are both a clean and research-oriented category. It is for this reason that continuing research and practice on the design of new EduTecBD and continuous video and text tutorials for a specific purpose consistently for the help or support of a successful career. Those who have passion or painting, painting, designing for them, basically all my tutorials Because here (in design category) there is a nice carrier. It is possible to earn 10 lakh monthly. Here, if someone comes to the desire for quick money due to the smell or comfort of the dollar or the family due to lack of money, then I will suggest you go wrong. Because here you will have to go through many acute paths or levels. (Much like the Nokia 1110 mobile snake game).

Six Tips to Become Successful

  • 1. Wish (I want to be a standard graphics designer)
  • 2. Good English (Many people are good at their own language, but the English Subject will have to read well and as well as watching an English movie + it is possible by practising.
  • 3. You have to learn. (Whether by course or from YouTube)
  • 4. Have knowledge of Internet Advance Knowledge (Do not have any hands to open the Apwok ID or open it with others)
  • 5. Too much patience (the night after night/marketplace should be bid month after month, even if the work is not seen)
  • 6. Keep your head cool (after getting the job, the client can use different types of things so that you can get angry.) Be careful!

If these small steps above can be properly passed, in the next 5 years (there is no such thing as 5 years, it can be in 6 months) In Allah’s grace, anyone will be released from economic tension, Inshallah

I have come to understand this now, I have come to help in any matter. I have the ability to step 3 in the top 6 steps. The rest of the five whose

With the help of freelancers

But if someone asks me to work online. But this is a lot of categories. Which one would be better?

My answer is that – the best will be 1. Get started on web design, web development, and Apps developers. 2. You can go towards animation. 3. Graphics Design 4 Get started with SEO 5.Data Enter.

Steps 1 to 5 is hard to come by easy, respectively. And less expensive than expensive. Now that your goals, wishes, qualifications, environment, or geographical location will match, that is exactly the same.

Anyway, I’ll put a series of tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indest, Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom on graphic designs (Total Free) for the help of EduTecBD only.

Here’s how to make each tutorial video. If someone has trouble viewing the video tutorial due to internet problems, then you can collect text tutorial from my website.

Anyways, let’s start today’s mission.

Today’s tune

Part 02 – Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners | How to Quickly Remove Background

Without pressing Alt from the keyboard, you have to select without pressing Alt. And select Alt key.

Click here to see the video tutorial directly

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