Hello friends How are you all? I think everyone is well and with EduTecBD. Let’s go to work without talking. For international students, the UK, currently the most popular place in the world. The UK’s higher education system plays an important role in increasing the skills of students in different fields. There are 130 registered higher education institutions in the UK. Among them, there are 105 universities, 20 international universities and 5 of the university colleges.  

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Why study in the UK?

  • UK is the world’s most popular city for international students. Lakhs of students come to study from 200 countries in the UK every year.
  • Higher education can be obtained from almost every university and university college in the UK.
  • The UK has the world’s most widely used library, British Library. There are about 150 million books.
  • Almost every university in the UK has a breakthrough inventor, who has invented great technologies like penicillin, fingerprint, DNA.
  • Graduates from any university in the United Kingdom get high salaries.
  • There is no shortage of part-time work in the UK as well as in studies. So you can earn good quality as well as study.
  • Thousands of subjects and courses can be selected by reading.
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What kind of visa do you choose?

The student visa is available in the UK to build a career in the United Kingdom. There are three main types of student visas in the UK. These three types of visas will require you to apply for a visa and then apply for it.

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Tier 4 (General Student Visas)

Any student of any age above 16 years of age, can apply for this type of visa. Apply three months before the start of the class. If there is a short-term course of six months, you need to arrive in the UK a week before and if you have a course of more than six months, then you need to arrive in the UK a month ago.

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Tire Four (Child Student Vess)

Any student of any age between 4 to 17 years of age will apply for this type of visa. Of course, the student must be accepted from any university or university college in the UK through a legitimate sponsor. If there is a three-month short course after the application, then you need to arrive in the UK a week before and if there is a course of more than three months then you will have to reach the UK a month ago.

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Short term study visa

Any student of any age will apply for this type of visa. This type, of course, can be of a maximum 1-year term. Depending on the day of travel, it will continue. For more information on visa, visit the UK government website .

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How to apply for a visa?

If you are a Bangladeshi citizen, you UK government  website can apply for a visa from the.

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While applying, add scanned copies of travel experience and supporting documents to different countries. If you have applied for your family visa, you will also need to add their information.

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Visas should be applied at least three months before your university starts classes. However, the date of application will start from the day you pay the application fee. You can then call for an interview by the Immigration Officer at the UK Visa Application Center. There you will receive certificates of expertise in different subjects.

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After applying for a visa, contact the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI). They will take your fingerprints and pictures to complete the visa application there. This process is called ‘biometric information’. This process is to be done for any type of visa.

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With the application of visa, you will need to add proof of your expertise on the English language. That is, the passing of a certain number of marks in any English language test will be passed. Remember, UKVI and Sponsor (your university) will have to make separate English language proficiency certificates.

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As soon as you apply for a visa, you will have to submit a visa application fee as soon as possible. The process of submitting this fee will also be done online. In this case, the fee will be credited through credit or debit card. There are currently a number of travel agencies and visa application centers, which can be done through this. Application fee for any type of visa is between 320 pounds to 370 pounds.

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After submitting the visa application fee, you will be given a reference number. Which will be started by GWF. Keep it safe, later you can use UKVI.

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What to do after applying for a visa?

After applying for a UK student visa, you will be given a code to track the location of a visa from the Visa Application Center on your phone number. Through this, you will have to visit the Visa Immigration Center website to track the visa location.

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What Supporting Document Will You Need for Visa Application?

Visa to apply for the outstanding support of the document may need it, the

  • educational institutions of the recipient of the letter
  • genuine temporary entrance (jitii)
  • bank balance proof of
  • health insurance (oesaeicasi)
  • linguistic skill proof
  • of criminal and criminal acts proof
  • visa application
  • forms, four passport-sized picture of
  • a valid passport and
  • visa Enrollment Electronic Confirmation Sc Annotation
  • and work experience documents
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • travel documents
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Visa and admission can take at least 80 to 90 days for processing. Applying for an online visa can cost up to £ 320 to £ 370. Biometric information can cost up to Tk 3000 to Tk 5,000.

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