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    Reduces stress

  2. Helps you to evaluate yourself
  3. Helps you to work faster

Step No.1

Make to-do lists

When to make ?

At night before sleep, that’s the way you can sleep better and less stress and high you can gain.

Or you can make it after you wake up.

Step No.2

Break big projects down into actionable task (require more and energy this way it converts it into small tasks) easy to do the task and saves energy.

Step No.3

Tasks more important and less important

This way you can follow the abcde priority technique

  • Very important huge consequences
  • Important work moderate consequences
  • Good to do work no consequences
  • Work that can be delegated to others
  • Work can be totally eliminated with no effect

Step No .4

Keep list short and simple

Too long so you can’t properly be written what to do and you will be confused and able to decide which work to do next

But How?

Only focus on present tasks avoid future tasks (indicated calendar or any separated list)

Step No.5

Keep sufficient margins

More time can be spent on a task that is an emergency task.

It’s very important to keep margins.

Step No.6

Evaluate yourself

Also, you can make the daily log

Where time got spent?

Which task consumed more time? That helps you to check your progress.

Step No.7

Make it a

Make a to-do list daily.

To become excellent in any skill you need to make it a habit.

Make the to-do list every day it increases productivity help you to achieve more in less time.


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