NU Honours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up 2018

National University is the largest education board in Bangladesh. The National University has published the honours 3rd-year exam form fill up today. NUHonours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up 2018 is another successful work for their students. Nowadays national university is the very fast board to complete their respective honours course within 4 years. It’s an amazing fact that a few years ago they are very slow to do that work. So in this consideration, we can say that the national university is the most reliable education board to their students.

NUHonours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up 2018

The national university has published honours 3rd-year exam form fill up notice Today. All concerned are going to know that all the activities related to completing the third year honors test (regular, irregular and grade-development) application forms under the National University will be completed through online and Students must be informed to fill the application form within the prescribed time frame. There is no type of form to fill the form with the delayed fee after the scheduled time to complete the form.

Important information of form fill up:

Online Application Will Start: 15 October 2018 on Monday.

Online Application End Date: 11 November 2018 on Sunday.

Last Date of Date Entry Submission: 12 November 2018 on Monday.



NU 3rd year exam form fill up methodology

Collect the application form:
A) The applicant can photocopy himself or the college authority on the National University website or or by copying the printed copy. After completing the application form, the candidate will submit his / her own section with the prescribed fee. The subject code and the fee must be mentioned in the application form. B) 01 (One) copies of the fresh passport size photograph with the application form, with Aika glue at the designated place.
Attach and submit 01 (one) copies of the pictures in the section related to the form.


Necessary requirements for participation in the examination

(A).Regularly: according to the syllabus and relevant regulations made in the 2013-2014 academic year, regular students of 2015-2016 academic year who have received the first year of the second year honors in the admission test, have received the third year’s commendation and completed third year’s curriculum on their data website only Those students were honored in the third year of the year 2015 Attend as a regular candidate for the examinations.

B) Irregular: According to the syllabus and affiliated regulations made from the academic year 2013-2014, the students who received the first year of the second year honors examination before or after getting admission in the third year but have not attended or participated in the third year honors examination of 2016 and 2017, they All students in the third year of the year 2015 Honors examinations Each candidate will participate in their unexpired courses.

C) Grade Development: According to the effective syllabus and regulation from the 2013-2014 academic year created by the National University, students who have already participated in the third year honors examination have been awarded in the 4th year but they are absent from the courses in which they have received F grade or in one form. Grade Development Examination Account Of course not to participate. In addition, those who have received C or D Grade in the third year Honors examination of 2017 will be able to take part in the third year Honors examination of the year 2018 as a Grade Development Examination. In this case, one candidate will be able to take a grade development test in maximum of two courses. However, no candidate will get the opportunity to upgrade more than once in a course. If a student fails to upgrade the grade then his previous grade in that course will be maintained.


NU Honours 3rd Year form fill up Notice 2018


To download or see the fill up notice:

Download this file in Pdf

Honours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up 2018


Method of payment of fees:

a) The third-year honors in 2018 (Regular, irregular and grad-development) designated fees for designated candidates
The submission form will be downloaded from the university’s website and will be submitted to any branch of Sannali Bank through “Sannali Services”.

B) In the college, click on the website or college e-mail address pay The slip will be download. In respect of the savings account number mentioned in the pay slip, the amount of money will be written in the amount and the copy of the print will be deposited in any branch of the nearest Sannali Bank and the receipt has to be collected.

C) For the payment of pay slip 13/11/2018 Tuesday to Tuesday 10.00 to 14/11/2018 Date of Wednesday
Until 4:00 pm Link will remain active. Before and after the scheduled time, pay slip can be download and not deposited. If the money is deposited in another form in the bank, then the authorities will not be responsible for the complications arising later.

D) 01867065111 to the “Sonali Services” can be sent to the mobile number.

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