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MBA is one of the most professional degrees in business and business studies. After graduation, MBA students are studying according to the demand of the job market. Graduate graduates in business administration are not eager to MBA, students of engineering or social science also want to earn MBA degrees. Most of the universities have standard MBA programs, Executive MBA programs, part-time MBA programs, Distance learning MBA programs.


After admission to MBA of Business Administration Institute (IBA) of Dhaka University, after completing graduation, attend the admission test. For the Executive MBA, after having completed three years of graduation in any subject, the applicant should have three years of work experience. In this course, the applicant must have a minimum graduate degree from any department. However, if any candidate has the equivalent professional degree, he can also apply in this course. Students must have completed three years of full-time work experience at the end of the Bachelor's degree.

Again, Dhaka University's Department of Business Faculty (FBS) was taught in various subjects. Those who are studying BBA in graduation here can be admitted directly to MBA. The students of other educational institutions have the opportunity to study through the admission tests in various MBA programs.

If you want to do MBA from the Faculty of Business Administration of Jahangirnagar University, then you have to have a four-year Bachelor Degree. In addition to the SSC, HSC and undergraduate level GPA can't be less than 2.5 The cost will be around one and a half million

Among the private universities, MBA from NorthSouth University will cost around three and a half million taka. To get an MBA from this university, the minimum pre-all public examination will be 45 percent. And at the graduation level, the CGPA should be at least 2.5.
To MBA from BRAC University, the cost will be three and a half lakh taka. To do an Executive MBA, the cost will be four lakh taka. Must have at least four years of experience in the job. To get an MBA from here, all public examinations will have at least 50 percent marks. And at the graduate level, the CGPA should be at least 2.75.

To do MBA from East West University, the cost will be three lakhs thirty thousand taka. To make an Executive MBA, the cost will be 2 lakhs forty thousand taka. Must have two years of experience in the job.

MBA In Abroad
There are opportunities to master post graduation (MBA) in business administration beyond the country by completing graduation from this country. Devshree Bhaumik informs about the news of different MBA programs in different countries
Having graduated from this country also has the opportunity to pursue postgraduate degrees in business administration. The MBA program is usually for two years. Executive MBA for those who have prior experience in the field of work in many universities, and regular MBAs for those who have completed their graduation. If you want to MBA abroad or abroad, then your new CV will be added to the new level.

Reputation for the most established business school in the world. Bangladeshi MBA to spend 60 to 70 lakhs. Among the best-known business schools for MBA in the US are the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago; Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business. To complete an MBA from these institutions, the student must complete the graduation. Besides, the GRE or the Jumat must be done, with TOEFL or IELTS Depending on the eligibility, each university offers scholarships.

United Kingdom
The Bangladeshi will be spending 50 to 55 lakh rupees for completing an MBA from universities in the United Kingdom. The renowned schools for the MBA are London Business School, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Depending on the eligibility, each university offers scholarships. GRE or GMAT must be completed, IELTS with must be

Less cost compared to other countries in Canada Bangladeshi money costs Tk 20 to 25 million, from the universities of the country to MBA. The University of Toronto, Queens School of Business, Queens University St. John Faculty of Business, University of New Brunswick, Ewe Business School and Western University can be completed from Canada MBA

Although Australia is famous for the tourism industry, many people choose this country to do MBA. For an MBA in Australia, the cost may be as much as 50 lakhs. Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne; MBA from Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales and Sydney Business School can be completed. Anyone of the IELTS or TOEFL with GIMT or GRE will have to be done. IELTS or TOEFL will get minimum 6 of 8 points. If a student wants to go to MBA for , then he/she has to apply for the for any selected university.

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