Study Tips

Before class:

Get your textbook

  • Do not recommend buying year textbook off university and bookstore.

Start reading year textbook as soon as possible

  • Do not just simply light year textbook readings
  • Create an association when you are trying to learn
  • Use mnemonics/keywords mnemonics
  • Review your readings before class in order to have at least a little knowledge about what is going to be covered in class

Be there: actually, attend class

Be on time: don’t be late to class

Be up front: try to sit on the front or on the middle seats

Be on edge: sit up straight have a good posture


During class:

Take notes:

  • Write up examples and non-examples of the information your professor gives you

Ask questions:

  • Be an active student participation in class


After class:

Study at least a little bit of material every day

  • Review your notes every day
  • Study in small increments of time (e.g. study for 25 min and have a 5 min break after.


  • Switch out the order that you study your subjects (e.g. first day 1-Subject A, 2- Subject B, 3- Subject C, second day: 1- Subject C, 2- Subject B, 3-Subject B, and third day: 1 Subject B, 2- Subject C, 3- Subject A.)

Go to your professor’s office hours

Form study groups (e.g. 3-5 members who are actually there to study)


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