The Digital Radio Communication

We are living in a different country in the world. Our language is different. Pronunciation is different. The way the world communication system set a role for communication. That is radio communication. It is used the Airport, Government services, and navy force.

It is very important things for visiting abroad to use digital radio communication. Our pronunciation is not appropriate that way our sound understand is very difficult. This way we use digital radio communication to avoid this type of problem.

If we know the digital radio communication we communicate with the other country very easily. So we go to learn the digital radio communication below:

A – Alfa


N – Nancy


B – Bravo


O – Oscar


C – Charlie


P – Papa


D – Delta


Q – Quebec


E – Echo


R – Romeo


F – Foxtrot


S – Sierra


G – Golf


T – Tango


H – Hotel


U – Umbrella


I – Indigo


V – Victory


J – Juliet


W – Whisky


K – Kilo


X – X-ray


L – Lima


Y – Yankee


M – Mother


Z – Zulu



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