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Sirajganj Government College student Sajid Akhtar got GPA-4.50 in the Higher Secondary Examination of 2016. And this year, Asif-e-Elahi's achievement in the Higher Secondary Examination from MC College, Sylhet was 4.67. Parents were disappointed because the boy did not get GPA-5, Sajid and Asif were also upset. What a surprise! On September 29, two people boarded a plane carrying the plane In the Commonwealth , they went to the 'Pure Mathematics' Bachelor degree from . How to read the UK's renowned educational institutions?

Asif-e-Elahi (left) and Sajid Akhtar on the campus at Cambridge University campus
While studying in college, the main aim of the student is to achieve good GPA in Higher Secondary Examination. But Sajid-Asif, the board was more busy preparing to go to Cambridge than the preparation of the test! To study mathematics at the graduate level of Cambridge University, STEP or Sixth Term Examination Papers in Mathematics is required to take part in an examination. IELTS good score is required with. There are several other steps to apply. Not the Higher Secondary Examination, it was Asif and Sajid. Mathematical Olympiad has developed this confidence in their minds. From the time he was studying in class IV, the Dutch-Bangla Bank - the two participated in the Prothom-Alo Mathematical Olympiad. Asif-e-Elahi twice earned silver, once bronze and once received 'Honorable Mention' by participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Sajid Akhtar took part three times. His results include two bronze and one honorable menu. Mathematics, whose power, who stop them!

Earlier, in the last few years, the students who took part in International Mathematical Olympiad have shown the way to Asif-Sajid. Samin Riyasat graduated from Cambridge with a part in International Mathematical Olympiad Competition, Najia Chowdhury finished her studies in MIT and took a higher degree in medicine in Singapore. Tariq Adnan finished his studies at Harvard University. Tamanna Islam, Sourav Das, Rain Sikder, Shinjini Saha, Noor Mohammad Shafiullah and Sanjid Anwar have got the chance to receive the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. Haq Mohammad Ishfaq is studying at Stanford University. Adib Hasan prepares for six months before reading MIT.

Sajid and Asif started preparing for several months ago. Last year, Sajid was admitted to the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Shahjalal Science and Technology School in Sylhet, but efforts were also made to go to Cambridge. Sajid's mother Rakibira Afroz said, "My son was a little worried because he did not receive this in HSC. But he did not break. On one side, he continued studying at the university, while preparing to go outside. "Baba Sohel Akhter said, 'There is no more sorrow with A Plus. The last is good, I am happy with that. "And Sajid? I want to know, how did this confidence? Before flying in the sky, Sajid said in the mobile phone, "Having learned to be involved in a problem due to participation in the mathematics Olympiad. Did not leave I was inclined to get admission in my preferred university, I was going there till the end. '

Asif-El-Elahi took part in written and oral examinations under the Cambridge University in Malaysia in the Higher Secondary Examination. His father Azizur Rahman said, "Asif did not read much for the high school examinations. His mother also had more interest in Cambridge. "And mother Hosne Ara Begum said, 'The mind was a little worse because of not having this plus. As the boy started working hard to forget the results of the HSC, I also got the confidence. "Asif E-Mail, who arrived in Cambridge, said," I have seen many older brothers and sisters in the field of mathematical Olympiad who are studying at Harvard, MIT and Stanford for higher studies. I got the courage to dream of reading them in Cambridge. "But if Cambridge did not have a chance, then? With such confidence, Asif answers, 'I would have been admitted to any university in America.'
Finally, he did not find an alternative. Asif-e-Elahi and Sajid Akhtar are studying the dream of their dream university. They are not just fulfilling their dreams, it is not. The two young people gave a message to the students who did not get GPA-5 in the country, who identified them as 'bad students'.

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