What is PHP? Tutorial-1

welcome everybody to your very first PHP Tips
Yeah so anyways in this Post I will be write about PHP and I’m going to be introducing this series where we will be learning a lot about what is PHP and so forth so if you have no idea what is PHP
and you just either you’re being forced to learn it for a job or you want to learn it or you accidentally ran into
this post somehow I’m going to be explaining so what is PHP this is a programming language

what’s known as a server-side
I’ll get into that in a minute so mainly PHP is used to develop websites it can be used to create a shell programs through hell applications through the command line but we’re not going to be getting into that so we’re going to be developing websites with PHP.
So I’m actually going to erase this beautiful content I know took me eight hours but oh well so PHP is a programming language to develop dynamic websites and that you can use it as an interface to connect to a database so that’s two main things my chalk is not working because
I just wet the chalkboard roll go Mads.There we go dynamic websites and connections to databases. Alright so when you’re creating a website or you’re on a website you’ll often find these forms.
So it’ll be like you have these boxes and so forth where you can put your username and password.
in well that’s what’s known as html5 or text markup language I just did a series over that so if you’re interested in that you can go back tothat will be using HTML in this series.
I expect a little prior knowledge but I mean if you don’t know it that’s okay you’re not going to die but if you would like go check out my HTML and CSS series so that’s what HTML is that’s used to
create the forms PHP on the other hand takes the information put within the forms and does something with it such as puts it in a database or uses it to create more web pages within the website
so what is it a dynamic website that’s something that changes the term dynamic right here that means it can change its
dynamic versus static static does not change it is static so static water for example dynamic changes static does not change so let’s go over a little bit on
dynamic websites I don’t know what my chalkboard too much it’s not going to work probably shouldn’t have got such a

wet rag but full-width all right so we can use what’s known as a variable and we’ll be getting into that in a future video but in PHP you can take values that are submitted on a form such as a name and then somebody puts their name in there we can assign this to a container that stores that value so I can name it here’s how you declare a variable in PHP and if you’re not really following me yet don’t worry I’m giving a broad overview of everything PHP can do and then we’re going to start very slowly I expect no prior programming language we’re going to learn pretty much all the basic programming concepts so you’re way better programmer and then we’re going to develop dynamic websites and database applications so we can store this in the variable name and then we could do something such as print main so what this is going to do I’m not using exact syntax as a should say something that you will have a wow I can’t believe a semicolon at the end but that is going to say oh it’s going to print out Caleb.

so I could do something such as friends and then within a print I could say welcome and then put the name variable name and then it can say welcome Caleb so forth so a dynamic website changes by what people do with it so for example if I change the name I put within this box the end result is going to be different that’s what a dynamic website does so what else can PHP well we can connect to a database and why would we do that well if we have a user registration on our website so for example the top you may see.

something like register and then you can also login well you can do that with PHP you can develop those systems so register you may say it may request an email a username and a password so you
put your email in put your username in you put a password in right now this is all going to be taken and it’s going to be divin to a PHP script right and what that PHP script is going to do is it’s going to make sure you’re putting the right content in it’s going to try because some people try and hack websites or just put random stuff in it’s going to check is this really an email address is that really the proper format for the username for the website is that really what are they really trying to put a password in there and if it passes all those tests through the PHP script the PHP script will put it in a database so if you don’t know what a
database is that’s okay.

Stupid fly where did you go we I did a series over databasing you can check
that out if you want there’s a total of a hundred videos in three different
series I did a database design a data type series and then a complete my askew l series but if you don’t want to get into that right now that’s okay you can check that out if needed if you’re confused on some of the database concepts basically a database stores information so a database has tables and we can give it appropriate rows so here are the rows this direction which obviously a database isn’t going to cross out their information these are the columns so an actual database maybe something like this email name password and then that PHP script sends this information and it puts it in here adds a new row so adds adds the email it adds the name and
adds the password then when you go to login so now I have a login page it’s
going to ask for your username and your password so let’s say you put it in
these are also going to be sent to a PHP script it’s going to check okay.

They are the appropriate format for username and password if they are
they’re going to check the database does it match is this username and password correct if it is it’s going to send it back to the page and it’s going to allow you to sign in if it’s incorrect it’s going to send it back to the page and
you’re not going to be able to sign and it will request you to sign in again so
that is just a basic use of PHP obviously there’s a lot more which I would get into it I don’t want to make this post too long so I’m going to end
It here in the next post we will be talking more about PHP and we’re going
to be learning this in a very in-depth easy-to-understand process. so thank you.

PHP Tutorial-2

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