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Canada’s first choice is to study the students of almost every country in the world due to the international quality education system, after joining a leisurely career, and for the convenience of citizens. If you want to go to Canada to read like them, today’s writing is for you.

Student Visa in Canada

Apply to a specific university and get an offer letter.

If you still can not decide where to read in Canada, then first decide where to read. Because, without the university offer letter, you can not apply for a student visa.

If you find it difficult to decide on a particular university, please know the following universities.

1. University of Alberta Edmonton.

2. University of Montreal.

3. Dalhous University, Halifax.

4. Bhyakubhara at the University of British Columbia.

5. Iuraka University,Toronto.

6. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan.

7. University of Toronto.

After taking the views of the above universities, make a decision about a specific university. Then, apply on the web of the University according to the application process, collect the offer letter from that university.


Apply for a Study Permit There is

no visa given to a student visa in Canada. Basically, study permits are given, which are called Student Visas. You can not live in Canada with this study permit. You must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Visa for traveling and living in Canada.

Study permits are essentially based on the course period of your educational institution. That is, if the term of the course is four years, then your study permit will be four years. With 90 days will be extended, so that you can leave Canada for a long time.

If your study program is less than 6 months or longer, you will not have to take any kind of study permit. If any of your family lives in Canada, you do not have to take a study permit. Likewise, if you or anyone in your family has a registered Indian status , you will not have to take a study permit.

Application for Study Permit: Apply

for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the first Canadian study permit online on the web. Or, contact the nearest Canadian Embassy to apply offline.

What you need to add to the application

1. The university’s letter of offer letter approved by the government of Canada.

2. While you are in Canada, you have enough financial resources to cover the cost of living, eating and reading, its credentials.

3. You are not involved in any type of terrorist activity.

4. Medical reports as proof of you are perfectly healthy.

5. When you are in Canada, you will not be involved in any type of terrorist activity, his pledge

Visa for Canada

If you are in Canada, add enough financial support to run your costs as a proof of this

. Bank account of your own bank in Canada Bank.

2. Bank statement.

3. Bank draft.

4. One year’s stay and reading costs have been paid, his credentials.

5. The letter given by the person or organization that the person or organization will funding you.

6. If you have received a scholarship, then its certification

To apply for a study permit, you will be spending 150 Canadian dollars or 8610 taka.

Also, after applying for a study permit, you need to send biometric information (fingerprints and photos) to the nearest Visa Application Center. That’s why it costs 14000 to 17000 taka.


What to do after applying?

Within 30 days of the application of the study permit, you will be notified by letter or by mail that you will not need a biometric information. If necessary, send biometric information through the above instructions.

Then your application form will be verified and checked. If there is a problem with incomplete information or any additional documents, they will notify you. In particular, you may be called for an interview from the Immigration Office or you may be asked to send some more information.

If they accept your application form, they will send you a confirmation letter. This confirmation letter will be shown in the Immigration Office after reaching Canada.

And if they do not accept your application form, they will send you mail because of their reasons.

Canada city

Apply for Temporary Resident Visa

After getting a Study Permit you must apply for Temporary Resident Visa. Whatever you need to apply for this visa –

1. Accurately filled application form

2. Original copy of the offer letter given by the university or organization authorized by the authority.

3. Four passport size photographs

4. More than one month’s validity passport for your course period.

5. All your national papers, such as birth certificate, nationality identity card etc.

6. All your academic papers.

7. Demonstrates financial well-being.

8. Detailed information with sponsored evidence.

9. Study permit fee has been given – its credentials.

10. Scan copy of the electronic confirmation of Visa Enrollment.

The Canadian Temporary Resident Visa, along with the above papers, has to apply for Canadian Embassy. If everything is okay, within a month you will get your hands on your country of dreams.

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