42,000 students of the university are indigent, no devices

41,996 students from 39 government and autonomous universities of the country are indigent, who do not have the necessary devices to take classes online or have the opportunity to run the internet. The average rate is about 14 percent. Due to this, online classes are not being fully implemented in universities.

The universities have given this list of financially indigent students to the University Grants Commission (UGC). The UGC has compiled a list of indigent students to provide interest-free loans to those who do not have the necessary devices for online classes in Corona. An earlier UGC survey found that an average of about 15 percent of students did not have the devices to take classes online.

UGC member Dil Afroza Begum, who is in charge of online classes, said the information of indigent students is being verified and they will send it to the education ministry. So that these students can be given an interest-free loan to buy the device. Apart from this, measures have also been taken to make the internet cost easily available to the students.

All educational institutions in the country have been closed since March 16 due to coronavirus infection. According to the latest announcement of the government, there is a holiday until October 31. In this uncertain situation, it was decided to take online classes at a meeting of the universities with the UGC on June 25. Then from July, online classes officially started in government and autonomous universities of the country. But after the class started, the teachers noticed that almost half of the students in the department were not participating in the online class.

According to the information given by the teachers and students, a large number of students are not attending the classes mainly due to the problem of device and internet cost. Many also have disinterest. Besides, many students in remote areas are not able to attend classes properly due to internet connection problems. Apart from this, only classes are being conducted online, it is not possible to take exams. As a result, there is a session jam.

According to the information given by the teachers and students, a large part of the students is not attending the classes mainly due to the problem of device and internet cost. There is also disinterest in many. Besides, many students in remote areas are not able to attend classes properly due to internet connection problems.

In such a situation, UGC takes initiative to give it to the students who cannot afford the device and internet. The UGC had asked the universities to provide an accurate list of students who could not afford to buy the device by August 25. The universities then give this list. According to the first list, an average of 29 percent of students do not have this facility. Later, considering the urgent need, UGC asked to revise the list to 15 percent. Universities later send revised lists.

According to UGC sources, 10 universities have listed 15 per cent or more indigent students. These include Dhaka University, Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), Chittagong University, Jahangirnagar University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University in Gazipur, Jagannath University, Bangladesh Textile University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Sheikh Hasina University in Netrokona and Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa. Mujib University of Science and Technology.

In addition, there are 20 universities with a list of more than 10 percent and less than 15 percent indigent students. And less than 10 percent of indigent students have been listed from nine universities.

Dhaka University Director of Accounts. Elias Hossain said that the total number of students at Dhaka University is about 43,000. They have given a list of eight thousand 558 people. Those who do not have that facility.

Rabiul Hasan, a seventh-semester student in the philosophy department of Dhaka University, does not have a smartphone or laptop computer to take online classes. I can’t afford it. He said that in the beginning, he took online classes on other people’s mobiles but later he could not do it regularly.

At present, there are 48 government and autonomous universities in the country. A UGC official said information on national universities, open universities, Islamic Arabic universities, and four medical universities were not required for their purposes. The remaining 39 universities have listed indigent students. The total number of students in these universities, rich and poor, is three lakh three thousand 98.

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Former chairman of UGC, Professor Nazrul Islam has given some suggestions to make online classes effective. He said that students who do not have the necessary materials to take classes online should be given. In addition to interest-free loans, incentives should be given to those whose family income is very low. Teachers also need to be given the necessary training.
 Source: Prothom Alo

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