About 4 million job seekers are waiting to be recruited

Vacancies in government service are on the increase for a few times. it’s increased during the Corona period. Recruitment tests were closed for 6 months thanks to the epidemic. The examination has recently started within the recruitment notices issued for a little number of posts. However, there has been concern about the recruitment test for an outsized number of posts in compliance with the health rules. About 4 million job seekers are waiting to be appointed to those posts.

For example, there are lakhs of job seekers in every examination of the 41st BCS, various state-owned banks, food, social services, disaster management sub-department, and a number of other ministries and departments. Concerned people said that it’s impossible to require these tests in accordance with the health rules. As a result, most of the institutions haven’t announced the date of examination for these jobs.

As a result, the amount of vacant government posts is consistently increasing, on the opposite hand, many job seekers are spending their days under the curse of unemployment. Especially those that are within the last stage of employment, are spending their days in frustration and anxiety thanks to lack of recruitment notice. First and second class jobs are recruited through the general public Service Commission (PSC). The responsibility of appointment within the third and fourth class posts lies with the concerned department. The Bankers’ Selection Committee (BSC) is liable for appointing officials of state-owned banks and financial institutions. There are many vacancies in various ministries, departments, directorates, and agencies of the govt thanks to various reasons including non-finalization of recruitment rules and complexity of cases. In some organizations, things are such as normal activities are being disrupted.

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It is learned that out of 16 lakh posts sanctioned by the govt, only four lakh posts were vacant a couple of months ago. This number has further increased thanks to the Corona situation, said the concerned officials of the Ministry of Public Administration. Of these, the notification of state jobs from last March to July was at almost zero levels. State Minister for Public Administration

Farhad Hossain said government posts are always created. Recruitment isn’t completed as soon because it is made. If the work vacancy is vacant, it takes a while to recruit there. Many recruitments also are stuck thanks to Corona. If things are normal, steps are going to be taken to fill all the vacancies quickly. The state minister said there are plans to further reduce the time taken in each recruitment process. During Corona, the recruitment of medical technologists, including doctors and nurses, was the fastest in history. we’ll work on learning from this within the coming days.
Officials of the PSC said that albeit the tiny recruitment test has been started through this institute, they’re still not thinking of taking an enormous test just like the BCS. Because there’s no preparation required for this with an enormous number of centers. Although 4,850,000 candidates applied for the 41st BCS in January, there’s no chance of taking the exam soon. The 41st BCS preliminary exam was scheduled to be held in April this year. Besides, the results of the 40th BCS written test are stuck thanks to Corona.

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Meanwhile, the examinations of about 14 lakh job seekers are stuck against 1,018 posts in the Food Department. The recruitment test was scheduled to take place on March 20, just before the lockdown.
The recruitment process has been suspended against 463 social worker (union) posts of the Department of Social Services. Six lakh 72 thousand job seekers for this post. After the MCQ examination for 141 posts in the Disaster Management Department, more than two lakh candidates are waiting for the written examination. Thus, several lakh students are waiting to take the exam for many posts in different ministries, departments and directorates. The concerned people are looking for different methods to start the examination of these posts of third and fourth class soon.

The largest recruitment outside BCS is in various state-owned banks. More than six lakh candidates are waiting for the examination by applying for four thousand 650 posts in different banks. Thus, about 4 million students are spending their days anxiously waiting for the recruitment test. However, the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General and the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense Department, Janata Bank, and several other institutions have already completed the recruitment test for a number of candidates.

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Arif Hossain Khan, general manager of Bangladesh Bank and member secretary of the Bankers’ Selection Committee, said, “I am slowly trying to test a small number of posts.” There are plans to complete all tests by December. However, it will not be possible to accept the hygiene rules for most of the posts, and the test cannot be taken if the hygiene rules are followed.
Several members of the PSC told Samakal that hundreds of educational institutions in eight departments are needed to give BCS to four to five lakh children. This is a huge task. The educational institutions are closed. If they do not open, without proper preparation, it is not possible to take the BCS exam according to the hygiene rules. However, some non-cadre candidates who have few candidates have started taking some exams.
Muktarul Islam, a student in the economics department at Dhaka University, said he had applied for several posts, including BCS and bank officer, and was now sitting for the exam. Everything is stuck because of Corona. Jagannath University students Abdur Rahman, Dulal Rabbani, and some others said that the age for applying for government jobs is almost at the last stage, but they are not getting a notification to apply for new ones. They demanded a speedy removal of this complication. In a tone of some frustration, they said that a job is not a matter of one person. Happiness and peace of the whole family are involved with this. But no one wants to understand the suffering of the students who have finished their studies.

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Former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University AAMS Arefin Siddique said, “We don’t know how long it will last like this.” So it would not be right to keep the job notifications in any way. The government has to give instructions for any organization not to suspend the job advertisement. The government has given age concessions for some students. But many more students will be deprived if the notification is not published regularly. He said the notification would have to be published. Students will apply online. They will be given a chance to take the test whenever the test is held later. This will cut the anxiety between them.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said that within a month, the examination of the food department will be completed in several parts in compliance with the hygiene rules. Several institutions, including Eden Women’s College, are being contacted to fix the test center. Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare Mohammad Zainul Bari told Samakal that they are trying to complete the recruitment process by December with the examination of the Department of Social Services. The DG of the Department of Social Services has been asked to conduct the test in 64 districts of the country in compliance with the health rules.

Private job advertisements have also come down drastically: During the Corona period, advertisements for new private jobs as well as government jobs have come down drastically. According to bdjobs, Bangladesh’s largest online platform for job news, job advertisements have dropped by 70 percent in April and May compared to March. Although the situation started improving in June-July, the number of job advertisements decreased by 50 percent in June-July and 30 percent in August. There are still 20 to 25 percent fewer job advertisements than usual. jobs director Prakash Roy Chowdhury told Samakal that most of the companies are now looking for experienced people. There is not much job news for new job seekers.

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