Admission to BUET-Medical on the basis of SSC and JSC?

In the Corona situation, since the HSC exam is not being held this time, there is a lot of confusion about the university admission test. Thousands of students are flocking to BUET and Medical College for admission. Academics say some students may be denied admission to BUET-Medical. However, they urged to take care of how much the number of deprived can be reduced.

High school is a stage where even good students often fail, while many middle-class students turn out well. But the global epidemic did not collapse that step. Since the test is not being done, the question has arisen, what is the way to get admission to BUET Medical?

Generally, the highest marks of SSC and HSC can take the admission form in BUET Medical. As many as 8-10 thousand students fought for one thousand 200 seats in BUET. And the number of candidates for all the medical seats of the country for four thousand seats is at least 60 thousand. But this time the number will be determined on the basis of the average of SSC and JSC.

BUET authorities say they have not yet made that decision. The main decision will come from the Academic Council.

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BUET Student Welfare Director Professor Mizanur Rahman said, “There has been no discussion about this yet.” Maybe give a number to the subject to give results.

Educators say the assessment needs to be done subtly.

“No matter what method we take, it will not be possible to satisfy everyone,” said one educator.

They also say that since the exams were not held due to corona, integrated examinations should be taken in all engineering and government universities like medical and agricultural universities to prevent corona.

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