Advantages and disadvantages of passing high school without examination

Everyone passes the HSC exam: – Seeing this title, the picture of the success of the great education movement on September 17, 1972, came to mind. Ayub-Monayem’s mischievous education policy has dealt a severe blow to the roots of Bengali education, culture, culture, and nationalism.

 Regardless of the Dalmat, a fierce resistance was formed under the leadership of the Chhatra Union-Chhatra League. Najibullah, Mostafa and Babul were martyred by the police of Jalimshahi. The great education movement of 1962 was the best universal mass movement in East Bengal, probably by then. City-port, village-town, college-university, All the students irrespective of the school-madrasa students jumped into the movement against the education policy imposed by the dictator with fearless courage. 

In today’s fourth term under the leadership of Prime Minister Janabandhu Sheikh Hasina, as the leader of Chhatra League at Eden College, took the streets by storm with a strong vocal movement. He was accompanied by Selina Hossain, Baby Moudud, Shirin Khan, Nazma Shams, and many other leaders. Every day at Dhaka University, there are sky-scraping slogans and new activities to defeat the government. In the movement, I have held procession meetings with Sheikh Fazlul Haque Moni, Abdur Razzak, Haider Akbar Khan Rono, Rashed Khan Menon, Matia Chowdhury, Saifuddin Ahmed Manik, Sirajul Alam Khan, Anwar Ansari Khan, and Pankaj Bhattacharya; Similarly, Abul Hasnat, Moudud Ahmed, Mizanur Rahman Shelley, I have also been by the side of leaders like Shah Abdul Halim and AR Yusuf. The participating students were assigned to go to school-college and picketing was assigned to the younger leaders. Kazi Amber Ali, a famous scholar with a very strong temperament, was the headmaster of Azimpur Government Girls School at that time. At the behest of the leaders, Dilara Zaman and I used to picket in that school and bring out the students in various tricks and include them in the main procession of Dhaka University.

Ayub-Monaim retreated in the intensity of the fully successful education movement of 1962. The devastating Bengali self-destructive education movement was canceled. As a result, under the same policy, students in the third year of a three-year degree pass course graduated overnight in auto-promotion. Many people have to read the pain for a long time. However, many of them later returned to the path of glory by leaving the signature of achievement in the Masters’s examination.

The HSC exams in 2020 have brought the world economy to a standstill and defeated everyone, regardless of the rich, the middle, and the poor. However, the impact on the less wealthy and the less fortunate is much more brutal. In that sense, it is possible the students did not have to worry about the situation getting worse. The government has done the right thing by deciding to determine the results on the basis of JSC and SSC examination numbers. Scholarship and recognition aspirants and those who failed the previous exams stumbled in the desire to make up for the loss in HSC but had no choice but to decide on a universal pass in the public interest.

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Now the question is – to determine the admission process in higher education institutions. If the situation improves in December-January, a fair settlement can be reached through uniform admission tests across the country. In this, we will be able to be involved in the objectivity of uniform admission tests of other countries including India. I clearly remember that since 2016, His Excellency the President has been urging the UGC and other agencies to have a uniform admission test. Hopefully, this time the push will break the resistance of certain quarters.

If the situation of uniform admission test does not arise, then under the direction of the University Grants Commission, each university will determine the admission eligibility for the spring semester of 2021 by combining the results of its own admission test and SSC. Apart from this, the question of providing scholarships, stipends, and other financial benefits and concessions has to be addressed. It is hoped that the proposed expert committee will analyze various aspects of the issues described and recommend an objective policy.

Educator Former Governor of Bangladesh Bank

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