Beware of question marks in DU exams

Kovid actually has no choice but to take the admission test in the departmental town. While praising the decision of Dhaka University, experts say that the administration has to be a few times tougher than before to prevent questioning. University teachers will have to take the main responsibility. Meanwhile, the admitted students are not hesitating about the test.

Kovid has to think differently in reality. Taking a public university admission test is now a big challenge. Online or live? Will it be the same as before or an integrated system? So far only, Dhaka University has decided, they will take the admission test directly. However, it will be held in the public universities of the divisional cities.

In this case, the question remains – how transparent will be the admission test of the best university in the country if it is outside Dhaka. Experts believe that in the current reality, there was no alternative to this decision. However, strict steps must be taken to prevent questioning. Dhaka University is thinking of giving responsibility to its teachers even if the exams are held in the departmental cities.

History professor Mesbah Kamal said that when it comes to risk, it exists. Besides, the question papers are not leaked from inside DU, not so much.

Dean Hasanuzzaman, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said, “We will have teachers where there is a risk in question.”

Most of the students are applauding the decision of the examination in the departmental city. However, some people have different opinions.

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The distribution of exams is also changing. 50 marks in 100 marks, 30 marks in MCQ and 20 marks in SSC and HSC. Professor Mezbah Kamal thinks that no number should be placed on the previous examination.

Based on the recommendations of the Deans Committee, the Academic Council of the University will determine the final outline of the Admission Test.

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