Clear instructions will be given for the collection of tuition fees

Although schools and colleges are closed due to the Corona epidemic, many educational institutions are forcing students to pay tuition fees on the pretext of exams. Education Minister Dr. advised both students and institutions to be tolerant in the collection of tuition fees. Dipu Moni. The school colleges have been informed that clear instructions will be given from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education regarding the collection of tuition fees.

On Wednesday (October 21) at a press conference with education journalists (virtual) Education Minister. Dipu Moni said these things. Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Secretary for Technical and Madrasa Education Aminul Islam Khan, Director General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education Prof Syed Golam Faruk, and Education Board chairmen were present on the occasion.

“We have come to know that some institutions are forcibly charging tuition fees from students,” he said. It is also being said that students will not be allowed to participate in the examination if the tuition fee is not paid. However, the Ministry of Education has not decided to evaluate the students through examinations. Hopefully, the institutions will work according to the decision of the ministry.

He said, ‘Those who are in financial crisis due to Corona situation will contact the educational institution authorities and pay the tuition fee as per their ability. Even though the educational institutions are closed, the teachers’ salaries and money are being spent on running the institutions. If the tuition fee is not paid for that, it will not be possible for the authorities to run the institution.

He advised both of them to be tolerant in this regard.

However, a directive on tuition fees will be issued soon, said Prof Syed Golam Farooq, director-general of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. He said it would be implemented if approved by the education ministry.

Regarding the annual examinations of secondary schools across the country, which were closed due to corona, the education minister said, “Schools will not have annual examinations. Instead, the promotion will be given to the next class by evaluating
the assignment.

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The minister said the textbook board has prepared a syllabus that can be completed within 30 days. This syllabus will be sent to the heads of all the institutions. Students from the institution will be given assignments on that syllabus every week. Students will submit that assignment to the school. Students will submit assignments each week. No marking or grading will be given.

Citing an example, the minister said, “This method is to ensure that a student of the sixth class has to achieve minimum learning result to get up to seventh class. Our goal is to achieve the desired learning results in the class in which the students are now studying.

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