Head teachers will not get a time scale: Ministry of Finance

The jobs of government primary school headmasters have been upgraded from Class III to Class II. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance has made it clear that they will not get the time scale for the time being. The decision was taken by the Finance Department as there is a separate provision in the National Salary Scale issued in 2009 to give time scale or higher scale to third class and second class employees.

The decision was made in a letter sent to the senior secretary of the primary and mass education ministry on Thursday (October 15th).

It is learned that in a letter sent from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on September 29, the decision of the Ministry of Finance to give time scale to the head teachers of government primary schools after 2014 AD was sought. The finance ministry has replied to the letter.

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According to a letter signed by Raunak Afroza Suma, Deputy Secretary, Implementation Division, the post of Headmaster of Government Primary Schools has been upgraded to Class II on March 9, 2014. As per the 8th (1) paragraph of the National Salary Scale 2009, Don’t be.

The letter further said that section 6 (1) of the National Salary Scale 2009 for third class employees and paragraph 6 (2) for second class employees are applicable for providing time scale.

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