In the face of criticism for naming the madrasa after himself, RU Vice-Chancellor

RU: The University Grants Commission (UGC) is investigating allegations of corruption against Rajshahi University (RU) Vice-Chancellor Prof M Abdus Subhan. There are widespread allegations of irregularities, nepotism, and arbitrariness within the recruitment and administration of teachers within the university.

This time the vice-chancellor of a university-funded madrasa (Hafezia Madrasa) has come under criticism for naming it after himself. Vice-Chancellor Prof. M. The madrasa has been named ‘Sobhania Al-Quran ul Karim Hifzkhana’ after the name of Abdus Sobhan.

Senior professors at the university say it’s wrong to call a madrasa after the vice-chancellor. The matter isn’t morally justifiable.
The members of the Madrasa Naming Committee themselves say that the Madrasa has been named after the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor himself has agreed to the present.
According to the members of the naming committee, Vice-Chancellor Prof. M., because the madrasa was established on the initiative of Abdus Sobhan, it’s been named after the Vice-Chancellor for ‘Doao Karte’ and ‘Submarine’.

Hafez Ali Hossain, a member of the naming committee of the madrasa and imam of the university’s Paschimpara Jame Mosque, said, “Since the madrasa was established during the vice-chancellor’s tenure, I propose to call it ‘Sobhania Al-Quran ul Karim Hifzkhana’ after his name.” The imam of the central mosque of the university and that I suggested the name to the vice-chancellor in consultation. The Bengali meaning of the word ‘Sobhan’ is sacred. we’ll also pray and remember that he has established a madrasa. The Vice-Chancellor has given his approval to stay the name.

Mentioning that the Vice-Chancellor was informed about the naming, he said, “Before the naming, I told the Vice-Chancellor, I will be able to pray for you.” When the madrasa was established on your initiative, we’ll ask you to wish for him, pray in his name. So it’s been named in conjunction with the name of the Vice-Chancellor.
According to university sources, the university’s graveyard Jame Masjid has rebuilt at a price of around Tk 2 crore. The mosque was inaugurated on May 8 this year. Recently, ‘Sobhania Al-Quran ul Karim Hifzkhana’ has been established on the second floor of the mosque. it’s learned that the admission process of Hafizia Madrasa will start in November.

When asked, Imam Mosaddeq Hossain of the Jame Mosque Cemetery said that the admission process for college kids at Hafezia Madrasa will start in early November. Initially, there are plans to admit 20 students. they’re going to be taught by 2 teachers of the madrasa. The entrance fee has been fixed at 5 thousand rupees. the entire fee including accommodation and food during this residential institution has been fixed at Tk 3,200.

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If you would like to understand the President of the Department of Geology and Mining, Professor. Sultan-ul-Islam said that if the naming of the madrasa in conjunction with the name of the vice-chancellor was true, then it must be a sort of injustice. It takes decisions of various committees to call someone within the resources of the university. Approval is required from the tutorial Council and Syndicate. I don’t know whether it’s been approved or not. However, there’s no reason to call the madrasa after the Vice-Chancellor.

He tried to contact Vice-Chancellor Prof M Abdus Sobhan but couldn’t find him.

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