Offer two days leave in educational institutions

It has been proposed to have two days weekly leave (Friday and Saturday) in all levels of education. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Education has started discussions on this issue. However, no final decision has been made yet.

Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Akram-al-Hossain said the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) had submitted such a proposal. The ministry is discussing that. A meeting has also been held in this regard. However, the decision has not been made yet.

Weekly holidays in government offices and courts are two days, Friday and Saturday. However, school-college holidays are only on Fridays. However, in almost all universities, the weekly holiday is two days.

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When asked, NCTB chairman Prof Narayan Chandra Saha said a draft outline of the new curriculum being developed (effective from 2022) has been prepared. If you take classes five days a week, how many classes can be taken in a year, if there are six days, how many classes will there be?

It will now be given for feedback on the website. It will then be decided through discussions at other levels, including a meeting of the National Curriculum Coordination Committee. This is still a very preliminary draft. He also said that a decision will be taken in the concerned ministry.

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