Private universities demand a relaxation of student admission conditions Not National University Bangladesh

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19), it has been announced to autopsy all students in HSC and equivalent examinations. Grade points will be determined on the basis of the JSC and SSC examination results.

Private universities are happy with the government’s decision. It is believed that the number of student admissions may increase as a 100% pass. The Bangladesh Private University Association has demanded to reduce the GPA points to give admission to all.

Due to limited seats in public universities, it is expected that private universities will admit twice as many students as before. Most of the candidates who were afraid of failing are expected to opt for low quality private universities for admission. And these students have been targeted for admission by low quality private universities.

The authorities of these universities think that there will be competition for admission in good quality private universities. However, weaker students who have passed HSC without examination will choose low quality private universities for higher education. They have also started preparations for this.

The matter was discussed on Sunday (October 11) with Sheikh Kabir Hossain, President of Bangladesh Private University Association. He told Jago News that in the current situation, it is a wise decision to evaluate HSC grades on the basis of JSC and SSC examinations. The government has decided that corona infection will increase if the test is taken. We congratulate such a decision.

Sheikh Kabir Hossain thinks that even if a 100% pass is given, it will not increase the admission of students in private universities. He can be admitted if he has a GPA prescribed by UGC (University Grants Commission) for admission. However, in order for everyone to be admitted, UGC will increase the admission if it is made easier with some concessions.

The president of the Private University Association said that many private universities are currently in financial crisis. Many students are being admitted with partial fees. Many are not able to pay the salaries and allowances of teachers, officers, and employees on time. For this reason, he demanded to make the conditions easier to increase student admission.

According to the UGC, out of 48 government universities, 39 directly admitted students have about 60,000 seats. The remaining seats are in colleges under the National University, private universities, and other institutions including medical.

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At present, there are 106 approved private universities. There are also opportunities for admission to open universities.

However, most of the private universities have been accused of selling certificates, teaching low quality, running part-time teachers, and not paying regular salaries to teachers.

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