Punishment when you wake up after 8 o’clock!

Shanghai University in China has tied the time for students to wake up in the morning. The university has taken this decision mainly for the purpose of maintaining good education and health. Students will be punished if they wake up after the stipulated time.

The Daily Mail quoted Weibo’s video as saying. According to the rules of Shanghai University, it is not allowed to sleep more than 8 in the morning.

This policy is intended for those who have not graduated. And postgraduate students will get more than an hour of sleep. Hostel caretakers will check to see if anyone is breaking the rules. Punishment for breaking the rules.

At least 20,000 students study at Shanghai University. There are 16,500 postgraduate students.

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According to the rules of the university, students have to wake up at the right time every day. Besides, even if any other bed is empty except your own bed, you cannot sleep there. This will deduct 15 points from the Social Behavior Hour account. And if the points are reduced in this way, it will be difficult to get a scholarship.

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