Suggestion to include ‘handwashing’ in the textbook

In a different reality of coronavirus, ‘World Hand Washing Day-2020’ is being celebrated on Thursday. Lifeboy is starting a new movement on this occasion. The goal is to develop the habit of handwashing from an early age. In the wake of the current Corona epidemic and as part of raising awareness in the long run, experts have suggested the inclusion of ‘Hate Hand Washing’ and ‘H for Handwashing’ in the primary education curriculum to inculcate handwashing habits in children.

The experts gave this advice through a discussion on a webinar titled ‘Handwashing, safe hands, safe country’ organized by Unilever Bangladesh Limited on Wednesday. Education was the chief guest at the webinar conducted by senior journalist Shyamal Dutt. Dipu Moni. Kedar Lele, Chairman and Managing Director of Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Dara Johnston, Head of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) at UNICEF Bangladesh, Rifat Bin Sattar, Director of Program Development and Quality at Save the Children, Orla, Country Director of Plan International Bangladesh Director Asif Saleh, Country Director of Water Aid Bangladesh Hasin Jahan were present at the webinar.

According to the webinar, Lifeboy has been running handwashing education and awareness campaigns in Bangladesh for more than a decade. Through which the brand has taught more than one crore 11 lakh children to wash their hands properly. The impact of childhood education and textbooks on a person’s lifestyle is immense.

Education Minister said in a speech as the chief guest. Dipu Moni said, ‘We all know about handwashing and staying clean. But now we have to pay more attention to the practice of these. Everyone is now realizing the importance of handwashing due to the epidemic.

Dr. about the inclusion of handwashing in the education system. Dipu Moni further said, ‘Our curriculum already includes the subject of overall cleanliness including hand washing. However, in order to increase its practice, everyone has to work together. Children as well as teachers and parents need to be made aware of this. It is not possible for the government alone to do everything. Unilever has already been able to effectively deliver the message of handwashing to the people. They can also play a leading role in raising such health awareness.

Taking part in the discussion, Kedar Lele said, ‘Unilever believes that what is good for Bangladesh is also good for Unilever. It is from this belief that LifeBoy has been running handwashing education and awareness campaigns in Bangladesh for more than a decade. We have to create health awareness among children from an early age.

“The coronavirus has taught us how important it is to wash our hands and stay germ-free,” said Dara Johnston. It is also clear that the coronavirus is not leaving very soon. In this case, in the coming days, we have to give importance to the issue of hand washing to keep it germ-free.

Rifat bin Sattar said, “When the educational institutions are opened in the future, it is important that the children can come to school and return home sterile. We all have a responsibility to ensure that children are kept germ-free through hand washing.

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“For a sustainable future, it’s important to include clean and germ-free education in the conventional education system,” said Orla Murphy. If awareness about this can be created in children through conventional lessons, then we will have a healthy generation in the future. We are working with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education to cover the subject from primary to higher secondary.

Asif Saleh said, “If it is possible to raise awareness about health including handwashing from childhood, overall national health will be developed. If you want to be healthy, you have to be sterile, you have to wash your hands. The importance of being germ-free needs to be included in primary to secondary education.

Hasin Jahan said, ‘The issue of handwashing should come up in the curriculum of children. Life-related issues should be in the textbook. ‘

A petition has been launched on October 8 to launch a new movement on the occasion of ‘World Handwashing Day-2020’, with Lifeboy’s brand ambassador cricket all-rounder Shakib urging people to support the ‘H for Handwashing’ and ‘Hand Washing’ movement. Al Hassan.

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