The challenges of online university admission test

In the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the vice-chancellors have taken a policy decision to take the admission tests in public universities online. According to them, since the HSC exam was not held this time, the students have to take the exam to check their merit. Vice-Chancellors are not willing to admit students without examination in any way. And the option of not taking the exam is admission based on the results of HSC and SSC. The National University will admit students on the basis of the results of these two examinations as in previous years. But the vice-chancellors of other public universities do not want to go this route.

However, the authorities will have to face various challenges of the online admission test. If the admission test is taken without addressing these challenges, then students from rural and poor families may face losses despite being meritorious. And many can get full marks by cheating with the help of cheating. That is why parents and students are a little apprehensive. It is known that the apps that will be tested through the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University VC Professor. Minaj Ahmed Noor. Whose name is ‘Proctored Remote Examination’. He said the software is a mobile-based app, It now works online. However, the software is being developed to work offline. The first and last 10 minutes to test this software must be between Internet connection. After opening the app, the admin will take control of the camera of the student’s mobile and also the control of the sound. The screen control of the mobile will also be in the hands of the admin.

“We will be able to monitor students’ lives when they turn on the apps online,” the vice-chancellor said. Pictures and sounds will be recorded while offline. It will move to our server next time. Then we will understand whether he has copied or not. Through these apps, MCQ and written test can be taken in two ways, said Professor. Minaj Ahmed Noor.

He further said that if the examinee sends the questions to Messenger, WhatsApp or Vivar, or any other app with the screenshot, it can be caught. He will be warned if he tries to minimize the software in any way. If stopped, the test will end. And he will not be able to enter the test. Can’t do it on other devices either. Since he is being monitored at every moment. For this reason, everything will be recorded on the server.

However, IT experts, teachers, students, and parents think that there are many challenges to this method. The parents have urged to look for the real meritorious person through the examination so that the opposite result does not happen. They say internet connectivity is still a huge problem in rural and remote areas. Many test-takers at once and a free internet connection can be a huge challenge. If the examinee is not connected to the internet for 10 minutes for any reason, he may be harmed.

Azizul Islam, a guardian, said that there is no survey on how many of the 13 lakh 75 thousand candidates who have passed HSC have smart devices. According to a recent report by the University Grants Commission, 14 percent of students at the university do not have a smartphone. This also gives a lot of ideas. He said the test is done online in developed countries. But in developed countries there is no problem with electricity, almost everyone has a PC or laptop, and broadband internet is very easily available there. However, the picture of Bangladesh is different. There is less knowledge of using technology here. Such knowledge is more limited, especially for SSC and HSC level students.

Also one of the main problems in this test is the opportunity to duplicate. It is possible to answer the question by looking at the mobile screen from outside the boundaries of the mobile camera. The admin will not be able to catch this duplicate in any way even if he writes the answers and puts them next to his mobile. In this way, it is possible to answer 100% of the test by putting a few meritorious people aside. This will deprive the real meritorious.

A guardian named Simul Hasan said that it can be considered whether the university exam can be taken directly or not. If necessary, the whole country should be used. Not just university campuses, all schools or college centers in the country can be used.

Mahmudul Hasan Sohag, the founder of another software, said, ‘Online testing is a good method. However, it is not clear how effective it will be in the case of Bangladesh. Before implementing this issue, more than one piloting has to be done.

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According to Adibur Rahman, we are very worried about the matter. However, if you do not have a full idea about this software in advance, you will feel nervous on the day of the test. Even with good preparation, there is a risk of doing bad things.

In this regard, the Vice-Chancellor of the National University, Professor Harun Aur Rashid, told reporters that the admission test will be conducted in a separate batch of several universities. However, everything will be finalized in consultation with the UGC and the Ministry of Education. And the admission test will be based on MCQ questions. However, the National University will not take any tests. He said that admission to colleges will be based on the results of SSC and HSC. By the way, this time there were more than 13 lakh 75 thousand HSC candidates.

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