The joy of school holidays in Corona has now turned into sadness

In Corona, the temporary joy of school holidays has turned into sadness. Day after day, most of the children and adolescents are suffering from depression and mental depression. Their behavior has also changed. Psychologists blame the radical change in the daily busy routine for this, saying that even if the educational institution is closed, the child may have an alternative school or play system at home.

It is half-past eleven. Hafsa Rahman, a first-class student of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College in the capital, said that she would return home after school at this time on a normal day. But it is still too late to get out of bed.

Even if the school is closed, it is okay to sit at the regular reading table. But the joy of studying is lost somewhere.

Hafsa Rahman, a child student, said, “My sir-madam and my friends are there wanting to go to school.” I miss them very much.

Talha Rahman is the eldest child of the Mashiur couple. Even though the school doors are not opened during the long seven-month captivity, the class-examination is done online. However, from product-testing to entertainment in technology products, there seems to be more tension. Most of the day, even if you are at the reading table, reading is not like before.

“I was happy for the first few days,” Talha said. It doesn’t feel good anymore. Very uncomfortable.

According to an international study conducted in 13 developing countries of the world including Bangladesh, 91 percent of children and adolescents in Corona are suffering from stress and anxiety. But even with much more time than usual, the child’s loneliness does not seem to be cutting anything. Which has made the parents think deeply.

Hafsa’s father said that his mental condition was getting worse at home. Nothing wants to be accepted naturally.

Experts advise keeping routine life habits to relieve the child from mental complications.

Psychology professor Mohit Kamal said since students are missing school. That’s why a dummy school should be built at home. There is a way to get ready for school at 8 o’clock after the dress; It will be made at home in the same way, the bag will sit on the reading table with tears. This will remove the frustration inside him.

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Experts also advise the child to establish online communication with relatives, friends, and teachers to break the monotony of house arrest. However, care must be taken that excessive use of technology does not take the form of addiction.

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