The new policy is being made for the appointment of OC

The same face is often seen in various important posts of the police administration including the officer-in-charge (OC) of the police headquarters. There also are allegations that OCs are often appointed on the recommendation of influential people. However, the day is coming to an end when an equivalent person is during a good position within the field of police including OC. a replacement policy is being formulated for the post of OC. it’ll be decided how long a policeman can stay within the post of OC. aside from this, the new policy also will include the utmost number of OCs within the working lifetime of the police headquarters.

It is hoped that if the new policy comes into force, nobody will have the chance to carry the OC chair for the remainder of his working life after retiring as an inspector. Besides, this police administration is giving importance to honesty, efficiency, competence, and human qualities altogether the posts including OC. Training has been arranged altogether the units of the force except Saradha academy to make sure the way to treat the folk well. Documentaries of what the police did wrong within these incidents through various case studies are being shown to point out the thanks to correct in the future. This information has been obtained from multiple responsible sources of the police.

If you would like to understand about the military officer of Police. Benazir Ahmed said the appointment would be supported by merit, skill, and reputation. we would like to prevent unwanted competition or `rat race ‘to become OC. There are plans to formulate a replacement policy for the appointment of OCs. it’ll be implemented with the permission of the govt. Not only the OC but also those that have made friends with the bad guys within the area thanks to their long tenure in other police posts, we also want to offer a robust message to them. there’ll be a sensible transfer and posting policy for police members. those that don’t treat people humanely, engage in dishonest activities, won’t be ready to get an honest job.

The IGP said, “Our dream is to possess the police because the cleanest organization.” they’re going to be the place of people’s trust. Police members who cause harassment and danger to the people won’t be considered for important posts and transfers.

He added, however, that if a member of the police qualifies himself from a specialized unit, he won’t be discouraged. If one wants to create his career within the naval police, he has got to be versed within the relevant laws. the govt has created many special units of the police. If any officer acquires special knowledge there, that unit will benefit. But it’s also true that the police may be a huge organization. If you modify everything overnight, there’ll be an opportunity of creating an error. Policies are being carefully formulated after tons of study.

Dr. Benazir Ahmed said the police have about 6,000 inspector posts. the amount of police stations is 650. Everyone dreams of becoming OC. it isn’t even my fault. we would like healthy competition among the great officers to travel for the post of OC. After working as SI for 9 to 12 years, he became an inspector. Again he spent 15 to 16 years as an inspector. then, ASP and extra Superintendent of Police should be promoted. The policy will stipulate the utmost number of years during which an individual can hold the post of OC. Regarding the recent transfer in Cox’s Bazar, the IGP said it had been a crucial district for various reasons. We wanted to reorganize the police administration there. There has been a totally new transfusion. altogether the recent transfers, we’ve tried to gauge the efficient and honest officers by checking and selecting.

DMP Commissioner and President of the Police Service Association Moha. Shafiqul Islam said recruitment, transfer, and posting cost money – the police want to urge out of this culture completely. it’s a challenge to mention that each one of the newest promotion examinations is conducted on the idea of 100% transparency. Many of the police say once they take money from ordinary people – everyone from rock bottom to the highest has got to pay, brother. I do not eat money alone. We are breaking this chain. I would like to ascertain who eats the cash. He who eats must take responsibility.

Shafiqul Islam further said, “Before being posted in DMP, we’ve 5-6 officers.” The past actions of the officer, where he has worked, what quiet role has been seen – these are analyzed. Even then, I see tons of negative things beginning of him after he was appointed. Then his true form is often seen. Change is required to try to do something good.

He said that if there’s a policy of deputation, albeit there’s lobbying from influential quarters, it is often said that it’s impossible to depute that officer consistent with the policy. we would like to completely stop the way of taking illegal advantage of the position. in order that the hobby of that officer disappears only after working as OC for two-three years. Then he won’t think any position is more important. it had been seen that a politician was getting the responsibility because of the police superintendent of three or four districts. Why would he get a prize posting again and again? The environment is being created in order that those that are honest, competent, and efficient also get postings in good places.
The force’s policymakers also are embarrassed by the recent controversial actions of some members of the police, including several OCs. Often a few incidents tarnish the great work of the police. Recently, a young man named Raihan Ahmed was tortured at a police outpost in Sylhet and died. Four policemen, including Akbar Hossain, in-charge of the outpost, were sacked and three others were withdrawn.

Police policymakers believe the controversial role of two to four OCs and other members of the ranks has made the police uncomfortable with the image. Last August, Lalmonirhat Sadar police headquarters OC Mahfuz Alam cleaned it with a sanitizer and paid a bribe of Tk 10,000. He was removed if the video went viral on social media.

Former Major Sinha at the check post in Cox’s Bazar. Teknaf police headquarters OC Pradeep Kumar Das’s controversial role came to light after Rashed Khan’s death. Earlier, Nusrat, a madrasa student from Feni, was burnt to death after Sonagazi police headquarters OC Moazzem Hossain’s unprofessional behavior. OC Moazzem was arrested during a case filed after the incident. therein incident, the then Superintendent of Police of Feni Jahangir Alam Sarkar was removed. The OC of a police headquarters in Mymensingh Range has been working altogether the large police stations for several years. There are allegations that he has become the owner of tons of wealth unethically.

He was transferred to CasinoCand last year. Motijheel police headquarters OC Omar Farooq was transferred at that point. While Shahidur Rahman was on duty at Bangshal police headquarters, he was accused of helping to occupy the house of an insurgent. Then he was also transferred. within the same incident, the then Deputy Commissioner of Police of Lalbagh Division Ibrahim Khan was removed. Former Pallabi police headquarters OC Dadan Fakir was charged with irregularities within the bench warrant. He was later transferred to DB.

According to the responsible sources of the police, an inventory has been made from the members who are within the post of OC in several police stations for an extended time but their honesty, qualifications, and manners aren’t good. The police station has made this list on the idea of intelligence. they’re going to be gradually shifted from OC to other units. The list includes several DMP OCOs. They too are going to be reshuffled soon. On Citizenship Day, Turag police headquarters OC Nurul Mottakin was removed and handed over to the CID. Lastly, 19 people including Sylhet Commissioner Golam Kibria were transferred. there have been various allegations against a number of them. Those controversial officials are sent to smaller positions. However, there are allegations that there are still many dishonest officials within the Sylhet metropolis, range, and Chittagong who are within the same position for an extended time. Again their village range in the district around the workplace.

Details of the force members and their relatives are being sought through the Police Internal Oversight (PIO). because the PIO is robust, the activities of most of the members of the police have come under a sort of surveillance. The journey of PIO started with the hands of this military officer of Police.
Commentary of a police officer- Honest, competent, and professional officers are in responsible positions for an extended time but the matter doesn’t arise. When a dishonest official gets all the prize postings around, the citizens don’t get the specified service, and frustration is made among other honest officials. consistent with the custom, one should stay in OC or another post for 2-3 years. But despite not being qualified, many are within the same chair year after year.

Several responsible police officials said that the behavior and visual communication of the many police personnel at the sector level had a negative impact on the image of the force. Ordinary citizens seeking service were treated harshly within the tone of ‘command’. Police stations, police work centers, traffic sergeants on the streets, when lecture the overall public, first of all, সংস্ক forget the culture of saluting. At first, he said to someone, “Stop this.” This stand. the very best officers of this force want to make a culture of giving ‘respect’ to others from the highest level to rock bottom level. you cannot ask anyone with threats within the beginning.

A documentary has been made with videos of several incidents of behavioral problems of field level police members. The documentary has already shown 1,300 SIs and 100 assistant police superintendents training in Saradha. At this point, instructions are given on the way to affect the citizens within the future. The police station has taken the initiative to supply practical training on behavioral issues to the members of all ranges and units of the country including DMP in phases.

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An official responsible said a lady was sitting within the seat next to a personal car driver in Gulshan. He didn’t install the door properly after his brother got down. Later, the lady from the seat requested an individual to shut the door. Then the traffic sergeant next to the car thought that the lady driver was telling him to shut the door. The sergeant got into an argument with the driving force. it had been later seen that after the brother got out of the car, the lady driver looked through the glass and requested a pedestrian to shut the door. The policymakers of the force are showing the thanks to correct the behavior of the police by illustrating the incident.

By making illustrated videos of seven more similar incidents, they’re highlighting their role in realizing the dream of forming humanitarian police. The police have given the name of this initiative- Good use enhances the respect of the police. it’s also said that if someone loses something and goes to the police headquarters to form a GD, he has got to accept it nicely. The loser must seek legal help by associating himself with the suffering and expressing grief.

Kamruzzaman, AIG (Multimedia and Publicity) at the police station, said, “In some cases, our behavioral problems at the sector level are being acknowledged .” Training is underway on the way to overcome behavioral problems. He hoped that similar incidents wouldn’t happen again within the future after showing these scenes through videos.

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