The new semester is starting without examination in DU

Dhaka University has decided to take classes for the next semester to continue the educational activities to avoid session jams in the Corona epidemic. However, the first-semester examination of the year is not taking place at present. University Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor ASM Maksud Kamal gave this information in the first light on Sunday.

Professor Maqsood Kamal said that the examination is not being held at present. However, next semester classes are starting online to avoid session clutter and keep students ahead. After the opening of the university, the examinations of the two semesters may be taken at short intervals.

Meanwhile, UNB reported that the registrar of the university had sent a letter to the heads of all departments and the heads of the institutes informing them to start classes next semester. The letter said teachers are taking classes online regularly. Students are also taking part in the class.

Out of 63 departments and 12 institutes of Dhaka University, only 49 departments and institutes are conducting semester education. Six months per semester. Thus, students get a bachelor’s degree in eight semesters in four years and post-graduate degrees in two semesters in one year.

Classes run for 15 weeks each semester, with one week of exam preparation leave and three weeks of exams. Group-based discussions, presentations, class exams, assignments, term papers, and midterm exams are scheduled for the class. During the semester, including class attendance, 50 percent marks of each course are allocated for these assessments. The remaining 50 percent marks are evaluated in the final examination of the semester.

The current semester of students was supposed to end in July. But it was delayed due to the epidemic. In the last three months, some departments have been able to complete their classes, but the exams are stuck because the university is not open. In the meantime, the class of the next semester is going to start without examination.

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Due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the country, Dhaka University has been on leave since March 16. The campus, including the university’s residential hall, was declared closed indefinitely as the situation was not normal. Dhaka University authorities were initially not interested in online classes. Online classes have started at Dhaka University from the first week of July following the direction of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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