The way the transferred students will get promotion in the next class

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, ‘Those (students) who have been transferred can join online or submit their assignments through local institutions from their own place. Through this he will be promoted to the next class.

He said this at a press conference (virtual) on Wednesday (October 21).

Also present at the press conference were Deputy Minister of Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Secretary of the Technical and Madrasa Department of the Ministry of Education. Aminul Islam Khan, Director General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education Professor Golam Faruk Chowdhury, Chairman of all Education Boards.

The minister said, “This time many parents have been shifted due to Corona’s situation. Many of them are students of Dhaka or other institutions but have lost their jobs and moved to the villages. These students are worried about the 30-day teaching and assignment process.

“We’ve thought about them,” he said. If these students have the opportunity, they will connect online with the teachers of the main institution. And if you don’t have the opportunity to join online, you can submit your assignment to the local organization in the village or location where you are staying.

The minister said, “If someone cannot submit an assignment to his previous organization or to a local organization, then they can go to our website and submit their assignment.” Because there will be a mail for students on our website. There he can submit the assignment by mentioning the name of the organization.

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At the same time, arrangements are being made to publish the short syllabus on the website, the minister said.

Dipu Moni, meanwhile, said the annual secondary examination would not be held this time. The teaching of the short syllabus will start next November. The short syllabus will be completed within 30 working days of November-December. Based on that, the students will be passed in the next class through assessment.

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