What will happen to millions of students

Ibrahimpur Phulkundi Kindergarten second grade student in the capital. Jamil. Jamil’s studies have been suspended since last March. In the beginning, I called from school two or four times for salary, but now there is no communication. Not even watching the class broadcast on TV. Now he spends most of his time in the grocery store with his father.

Jamil’s father said. Assad said, ‘I don’t know much about education myself. My wife doesn’t know either. That’s why I sent my son to kindergarten instead of government school so that he can learn to read well. But since the school closed, the boy’s education has also stopped. Now I will see when the school reopens. ‘

The situation is similar for most of the 10 million kindergarten students in the country. Children from low-income and poor families, in particular, have dropped out of school altogether. There is no contact with them even from school. The government has no contact with them. Many schools have even closed. As a result, the children of these schools do not have the opportunity to say which school they go to.

Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Akram-al-Hossain said, “Students or parents of kindergartens that have already closed will be able to enroll their children in government schools near TC without TC. We have already issued a circular in this regard. We want all students to go to government primary schools. Our schools have that capacity.

According to the Kindergarten Association, one thousand kindergartens in the country have already closed. If the school is not reopened by next December, about 20,000 more kindergartens will be closed. However, many people gave the notice to sell the school but there was no response. Most of the 1 million kindergarten teachers and staff have changed jobs. Some are making a living by doing small things. Someone has returned to the village.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Junior School Certificate (JSC), Primary Education Completion (PEC) and HSC examinations will not be held this year. The annual examinations of the schools will also not be taken this year. Kindergarten schools are facing more problems. Because the children of low-income and poor families study more in these schools, no one will pay tuition fees without exams. Again, whenever the school opens next time, many will move to another school for fear of paying tuition fees.

465 students of Skylark Model School in Matikata of the capital. The number of their teachers and staff is 41. Md. Of this school. Lafayette Hossain told Kaler Kantha, “I have not received any tuition fee since February. You have to pay 75 thousand rupees per month. Now if there is no exam this year then no one will pay the tuition fees. Even students will be admitted to another school next time. In the meantime, I have become a debt of 13 lakh rupees. I can’t anymore. If the school does not open this year, there will be no other way but to close it.

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This teacher said, ‘My school has a reputation in the Matikata area. Last year, 22 students got a GPA of 5 in PEC from this school. No one from a nearby government primary school got a GPA of 5. But now our teachers are earning a living. The government did not give us any incentives or loans.

The number of students at Scholars International School in Alambagh, Jurain is 160. The rent for this school is 30 thousand rupees per month. The director of the school, Emon Ahmed, said, “I have not received any tuition fees from the students since March. The hope was that the school would be revived through annual examinations. If the school does not open this year, it will be difficult for us to continue.

Nasima Khanam, a teacher at Matikata Ideal Public School in the capital. He taught for 10 years. Nasima Khanam said, ‘My husband died a long time ago. One child goes to university, another to school. He has not been paid since February. Our school has been closed since July. Now I am surviving without eating with great difficulty. Everyone in the area knows him as a teacher. I can’t reach out to anyone, I can’t run the family again. ‘

M Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury, chairman of the Kindergarten School and College Unity Council in Bangladesh, said, ‘We don’t get tuition fees. I can’t pay for the teachers. As a result, I am not able to keep track of the students. Students are not watching TV classes or studying now. At present, public gatherings have returned to normal in the country’s offices-courts, markets, garments, buses, trains, launches, parks. Qawmi Madrasa has been opened. The English medium is being tested. So where is the problem to open a kindergarten school according to the hygiene rules? Since we didn’t get any incentives or loans, the school is not being opened again. So we have decided to file a writ petition in the court.

GM Kabir Rana, member secretary of the National Committee for Protection of Kindergarten and Equivalent Schools, said, “14 teachers have already died due to various reasons including heart disease and suicide. Thousands of schools have closed due to non-payment of rent. Teachers have changed professions. In this situation, we are demanding that the schools be reopened this month in compliance with the hygiene rules, financial assistance from the Prime Minister for the teachers and staff, and the opportunity to take annual examinations in their respective schools.

Akram-Al Hossain, senior secretary at the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, added, “There is no room for any school to think differently. All schools will open together. Classes are currently being broadcast on television and radio. Our government school teachers are looking for their students. However, if a child does not come to school after the opening of the school, then the teachers of the school concerned will go to their house and bring the parents to the school. From next year, we will give a stipend of Rs 150 instead of Rs 100, a kit allowance of Rs 1,000 at the beginning of the year. In addition, we will introduce a mid-day meal in all schools. No child will be out of school.

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