You have to be admitted to the university with the exam

Although not an HSC-equivalent examination, the university admission test will be conducted. However, it has not been decided yet whether the admission of students in public universities will be taken in the central (CAT) system. University vice-chancellors want to introduce CAT. And the University Grants Commission (UGC) wants a bunch of methods. In this situation, a new crisis has arisen over which will be adopted in the end.

It is known that many people are worried about the university admission test even if it is not HSC due to coronavirus. According to them, the essential test has been canceled, but in the same situation, the admission test has started. In that case, the question has arisen as to which test is essential in the present education system.

Meanwhile, although the university admission process is scheduled to start in January, the exams may be delayed due to coronavirus. In that case, the test may be taken in February or March at the end of winter.

However, if the universities do not want to wait, the physical examination will not be held in January-February. It is learned that UGC has called a meeting on October 15 to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education at a press conference on Wednesday. Dipu Moni said that students will be admitted to the university in a batch system. This test will be taken in a coordinated manner. The University admission process may start next January.

However, no one can confirm whether the test can be taken physically or not. The university concerned will decide on the examination. Three methods have already been proposed for the admission of students in the first year of the university. The UGC first met with the vice-chancellors of public universities late last year to discuss student admissions in clusters. In the first meeting, it was discussed to take the test in the integrated and later in the CAT method. A committee comprising the vice-chancellors of the university was also formed for this purpose. The same committee proposed the CAT system for admission.

Joint convener of the committee, Jagannath University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mizanur Rahman said, we have a committee on university admission test. On March 23, there was a meeting with the vice-chancellors of different universities. Postponed due to corona. No decision has been made yet on when the university will open. Not all decisions can be made by meeting online on important issues like the admission test.

“Even then, since the government has decided on HSC, now we have to think about the admission test,” he added. If the situation is good, the admission test will be taken, there is no alternative.

On the other hand, UGC member Prof. Md. Alamgir said, “We will admit students to the university by taking exams in the cluster system.” In this case, there will be three bunches. These are agriculture, engineering and technology and general, science and technology.

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He said there will be two tests for the first two. The latter will have three exams in Science, Arts, and Social Sciences and Business Studies. According to the discussion, the big five universities will admit students in separate examinations. However, keeping in view the existing situation and the overall interest of the students, we expect that the big five will also pass the group exams. There is a meeting on October 15. I hope the matter will be discussed there.

It is to be noted that at present uniform admission test is taken in all the medical colleges of the country. Last year, students were admitted to seven agricultural universities through cluster-based or integrated admission tests without any hassle.

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